Hey ho and oops!!!
by crazyguylink

Hey everyone! just for an update... I won't be updating this weekend... sorry about that. I'll do a double post next week with twice the goodies and extra the mayhem! See you then!

Sorry it's late...
by crazyguylink

Hey everyone. I know I update every weekend, but this past weekend I was hit by a virus that totaled my hard drive in 15 minutes flat. First thing it destroyed was my anti-virus... WHICH ROYALLY SUCKED!!! Anywho... I'm back and posting again. Hope you like this weeks update and I'll try to make the next post for the usual time. 

UPDATED WEEKENDS (If my connection works...)
by crazyguylink

Well, I've decided. I'm going to start updating the Mega-Bytes comics on weekends... provided I have an internet connection. UGH!!! I HATE SATELLITE!!! Well, here's the comic in a nutshell. Megaman and whatever else sprites found on royalty free sites, done completely at random and given dialogue depending on the layout of the overall page completely improvised. Sounds simple?

LOL!!! Not quite. Sometimes I wind up with really bad comics and have to redo the process. Well, here it is people! The First, OFFICIAL Mega-Bytes update!

by crazyguylink

Wll, I added four more comics. It's part of the scrapped series. I'm currently working on some new ideas for future comics... and considering that hey're improvised, that's not saying much. I'm caught up in about five projects at the moment, but will update in the next couple of week or so.

Getting Started
by crazyguylink

Well, Here goes. I'm new to this whole webcomic thing, and thought it would be fun. I tried it, liked it and thought I'd do some more. I now have 6 comics to start the site off, and hope to start making weekly updates at some point in the near future.