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0086 - A Little Hope pt. 11:
0086 - A Little Hope pt. 11

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Logging in!
by crazyguylink

Well, after the last post, my computer died. I got it replaced last month and am now starting the series up where I left off. I am in the process of replacing the lost completed pages that were never uploaded and will be posting again as of one to two months time. see you all then.

Oh NOEZ!!!
by crazyguylink

Well, here we go! Another update! My computer is still in quarrentine and I'm trying to keep updating on a library computer. Still, I'm trying to keep the updates coming. Hope you enjoy the latest of the series!

by crazyguylink

Well, I updated my comics on an alternate computer. My place is currently under Quarientine due to unforseen circumstances. still, I will continue to update as much as I can during this period. Hope you all are having a great week and thanks for reading. Till the next update yes

Hey ho and oops!!!
by crazyguylink

Hey everyone! just for an update... I won't be updating this weekend... sorry about that. I'll do a double post next week with twice the goodies and extra the mayhem! See you then!

Sorry it's late...
by crazyguylink

Hey everyone. I know I update every weekend, but this past weekend I was hit by a virus that totaled my hard drive in 15 minutes flat. First thing it destroyed was my anti-virus... WHICH ROYALLY SUCKED!!! Anywho... I'm back and posting again. Hope you like this weeks update and I'll try to make the next post for the usual time.